April, 2016 – Megan Miln

Another Visit, Another Strike

Our last house visit plans were thrown into chaos by a national strike. It was a last minute scramble to reschedule and reorganise everything to get there. Now, four weeks on, and another strike is threatening to upset our plans again. The timing is unfortunate. Two strikes, four weeks apart, that just happen to coincide with our travel plans.

French trains at the station
French trains at the station

Our meeting is on Friday morning. We won’t know what impact the strike will have until Thursday evening. This uncertainty is deeply frustrating. Our early morning train may run as usual, or it might not, and we won’t know until the last minute. We are investigating other possibilities for transport, but haven’t found any good options so far. Nothing that makes it an easy decision to say we’ll cancel our existing bookings and book for plan B instead.

I’m excited and anxious for this visit. The four weeks since our last visit feels like a long time, and there should be a lot of progress to see. There are also details we have been waiting to discuss with the project manager and bricklayer. I don’t want to have to cancel it.

Watch the video to see how the strike affected our next visit.