Painting Every Day – Part 25.0.1

We are making progress. Since our last update we have moved from Lyon into our house. The change has been dramatic and exhausting.

The process of sanding, patching, and preparing the walls for painting has been time consuming. Far more so than we anticipated. The effort involved has also been greater than expected. I am not entirely content with the quality of the result but we found our limits. There are parts I would like to revisit in the future but for now will be left as is.

We have not finished but yesterday we reached a mile stone. We completed the painting of the walls and ceiling. The transformation is incredible.

The mains room sanded, patched, and ready to paint

The main room painted

Only now are we starting to move our things upstairs from the basement.

So while we physically moved here weeks ago, today we are really moving in. The excitement of the change from old apartment to modern home is being rekindled.