March, 2016 – Megan Miln


We had our second site meeting on Friday. When we scheduled it two and half weeks ago, the project manager hinted that there might not be much progress. The string lines from last week are gone, and have been replaced by concrete foundations. The foundations mark the completion of the first major milestone in the build.

The foundations are in
The foundations are in

In addition to the project manager, we were joined by the bricklayer and the plumber. For much of the meeting, we looked on, intrigued and amused, as the three of them debated how best to run the pipes through the house. The next step is the walls. The bricklayer said he should be ready to start in the next two weeks, once the water is connected (it turns out we have the pipe, but no actual water yet). Then, it is about two months’ work.

Back in Vichy, we visited the bathroom place again before getting our train. We wanted to look at wall tiles for the bathroom. We arrived a bit before midday, and in true French style, they close for two hours over lunch. We just had time to get a feel for the choices available. The bathroom design is ongoing.