Waiting to Warm Up – Part 18.1.1

We are still waiting for our heating system to arrive. Both the main heating system and the temporary one they were going to install while waiting for the main one have now been delayed. In the meantime, the builders have plugged in stand-alone electric heaters to keep the house just warm enough to protect everything from the freezing temperatures outside.

Build week 52: Electric heaters keeping everything just warm enough

Until the heating system is installed and tested, there is not much work that can be done. There are still some little things happening in the background: they have insulated the roof, installed the remaining electrics, and finished the last of the plasterboard in the bathroom.

Build week 52: New plasterboard in the bathroom

While things are relatively quiet on site, we are busy sourcing and shopping for final finishes. Our latest site visit ended in an unplanned trip to the tile shop to order our bathroom tiles. After many months, several visits to tile shops and changing our minds a couple of times, we have finally committed to our bathroom tiles. The project manager suggested we order them to be delivered at the same time as the floor tiles. And since the floor tiling is due to begin before our next visit, we set off to the tile shop straight after the meeting. We ordered the tiles for our balcony at the same time. After so much back and forth, I’m relieved to have all the tile choices settled. We have plenty of other choices coming up over the next weeks and months. Every one we can nail down is a good thing.

Build week 52: View of the house from the street

Watch the video for this visit.