February, 2016 – Megan Miln

Pink String and Blue Pipe

I love that every time we visit the land, there is progress and something new to see.

Our visit to the menuiserie supplier was only half of our day. On the way back, we visited the the land, and we were rewarded with two exciting changes.

First, our water connection has been installed. It announced itself in the form of a blue plastic pipe and tap sticking out of the ground. After we bought the land, the first thing we did was post a cheque to start the process of connecting the water. Water was the one thing the builders needed on site to begin, and it can take six to eight weeks to put in. So, we were pleasantly surprised to see it done just five and half weeks after starting.

Pink string marks the outline of the house
Pink string marks the outline of the house

Down in our house-sized hole, the builders have marked out the footprint of the house with pink string. It’s a seemingly small thing, but instantly made it easier for me to picture the house on the site. The string lines follow the excavated platform quite closely, so I’m not sure why it makes such a big difference to my perception.

While we were there, we took the opportunity to double check the measurements, and take a closer look at a potentially problematic tree (more on that later). On top of choosing the windows and doors, it all helped make it feel very real and very exciting.