First meeting on site – Part 1.1

We have our first regular meeting with the project manager on the land.


Good morning. We are off to the land again for the second time in as many days.

Today we’re going to have a meeting with the builder on the plot for the first time. Another exciting day.

A week day morning in la gare part dieu.

(French train announcements)

Prochain arrêt Vichy.


We have arrived back in Vichy. The car place should be open now. We are going to pick up the car, have some coffee, get some food, and then we will head towards the land.

Time to pick up some lunch, so we can eat it on the train back.

We are about to drive out to the land to see the project manager.

This is our first meeting with him. So we are not really sure what to expect.

We have a number of questions at this stage about the project plan, timings, when certain choices need to be made.

If we are lucky the weather will hold and it will not rain too hard on us. Snow is predicted.It is cold enough.

Time to put on our coats and head out into the cold.

It’s snowing!

It is sticky.

The meeting went well. It started snowing as we were talking to the project manager. That has all been good.

The terracing is done. So they are ready to start thinking about foundations.

The driveway has been put in. It’s been compacted so it can take the heavy vehicles that are coming.

And they have started sort of leveling out the soil around to become what will eventually become our nice garden.

Really good. Really quite an easy meeting. The language was hard.

But that was always going to be the case.

I as not expecting it to snow so much or to be quite so cold.

We will soon be heading back to the car and to Lyon.

It is freezing out side. We have retreated to the car.

How was the cold for an Australian?

Oh wow was it cold out there. My hands are numb.

OK, we are going to drive back to Vichy and back to work.

Keys for them.