Massive hole dug on our beautiful plot – Part 1.0

We are off to Vichy today to see the tile and bathroom fittings people and for our first to the land since we bought it.


Good morning.

We are off to Vichy today to see the tile and bathroom fittings people.

And for our first to the land since we bought it.

It is a big day and an exciting day.

We are a little early to the train station. There is no platform assigned yet but we go and wait.

This is the quietest I have ever since la part dieu, la gare part dieu. It’s amazing. It’s normally just absolutely overflowing with people and it’s horrible. But this is pretty good.

OK, we have got about 20 minutes for the train. Thankfully it is only one train ride and we are there.

Here comes the train.


And we are off. The train journey is about two hours. We just got to sit and wait. It’s great.

We are in Vichy. It’s a little bit too early to pick up the car. But first we are going to have some breakfast because we are going to need coffee.

Off to get the car.


Much prefer little cars.


Let’s do this.


OK. I think we have picked the tile. So many choices. Bathroom next.


Yes, I think so. Yes we have run out of energy to look at any real bathroom tiles.

Not as bad as I expected.

That could have been a lot more stressful.


The floor tiles are OK.


That came down to be fairly simple.

Difficult at first. It was an overwhelming choice at first but quite easy to narrow down in the end.

OK, lets go and see the land.

First time.

Yes, I hope it is OK.


Hope we can get on it.

Don’t know. We will have to see if they have put the fence up.

Oh my god!

They have dug a big hole. This is. OK. (laughs)

Oh my god!

That is ridiculous.

This is ridiculous.

It is just. Look at it.

We are back in the car. It has started to rain. We’ve got thunder on the way.

It has begun. They have really. They have ripped up trees. They have dug. A big hole. A big hole.

The garden looks small they’ve got the excavation but the once the house is on it and it is back filled, it will. It will be huge. It is half an acre.

It is amazing to see such a change. So quickly.

Just dropped off the car. About to hand the keys in at the station. Then we catch the train back to Lyon.

Really successful. Lot of progress in almost no time. After a year and a half of just waiting and waiting. It is fantastic.

Prochain arrete Lyon Part Dieu.