A Change of Pace – Part 0.0.1

It took about 18 months to buy the plot of land where we will build our house. The first half of that wait was expected as we got planning permission and went through the various administrative processes. We were waiting, but there were also lots of things to do, decisions to make, and things to organise. The house occupied all my quiet moments.

Sunrise seen from a street in Lyon

The second half of that waiting period was not expected. That time was eaten up by delays, disputes, and miscommunication. And during that long, unexpected and frustrating wait, our energy and enthusiasm slowly ebbed away. We were paralysed by uncertainty; we couldn’t plan or decide anything.

So, now with the land finally secured, it’s time for a change of pace. Time to throw ourselves back into the plans and decisions. Finding that momentum again has been difficult. We’ve made a start. We’ve complied the necessary documents for the builder and the utility connections are underway. I’m looking forward to feeling like the project is steaming ahead again.