It was a few years after moving to France when we started looking for land to build a house in France. Now, the house is a home and we are settled.

This was our space to record that process (for ourselves) and to share it with friends and family across the world.

Tomorrow we start – -0.0.2

Assumptions about what to expect occupy my mind. Tomorrow we look for land in our chosen area.

Anxious Beginnings – -0.0.1

We return to the estate agents to see the plots. It has been a month since we made the appointment.

A Change of Pace – 0.0.1

It took about 18 months to buy the plot of land where we will build our house.

A Kick-Start – 0.0.2

When it begins, it really begins.

Building a home in Allier, France – 0.0

We have bought land in France and are about to build a home.

Massive hole dug on our beautiful plot – 1.0

We are off to Vichy today to see the tile and bathroom fittings people and for our first to the land since we bought it.

Tiles, Toilets, and Taps – 1.0.2

So many things to choose.

First meeting on site – 1.1

We have our first regular meeting with the project manager on the land.

At First Sight – 1.1.1

My first thoughts on seeing the land now the building work has started.

Are French snakes dangerous? – 1.2

We visit Moulins to pick doors, windows, and fittings for the house. Graham encounters a snake on the building site.