These are my personal photos, stories and news.

Homemade bread makes me happy

A single loaf tended to get me through a week’s worth of lunches. I was single then, but even with two of us a dense loaf is enough for our working day lunches.

Now available in a bookstore near you

All three of DssW’s Mac energy saving products appear in Joe Hutsko’s latest book: Green Gadgets for Dummies.

Hello Snow Leopard, Good Bye Panther

DssW launched an update to Power Manager today.

Finding a Civil Celebrant in Australia

To make our search easier, I cobbled together a map of civil celebrants in Australia, organised by state. The link above leads through to a mash-up of celebrant listings from the Australian Government’s web site and Google Maps.

Dressed to Rule at the NGV International

We recently had a fun day out at the NGV International, Melbourne, visiting the “Dressed to Rule: Imperial Robes of China” exhibit.

Overwhelming and wonderful

The feeling of creating and releasing a significant product is fantastic.

Now selling digital content

Today Megan released her first book.

Upgrading Reseller to Catalyst 5.8 from 5.7

The last few days have been spent preparing the way for DssW’s next big thing. That meant getting my hands dirty and updating our sales and reseller software: Reseller.

About Graham Miln

Graham Miln’s world revolves around running DssW; a company he incorporated in 1997.