These are my personal photos, stories and news.

Property hunting in Lyon, Web::Scraper, and tbody tags

I found one stumbling block that took a while to overcome. After a little trial and error, I discovered the FireFox browser returned misleading XPaths for objects embedded in tables.

Japanese Summer Dance (Bon Odori)

This afternoon we visited Melbourne’s Docklands to see the Japanese Summer Festival 2010 (メルボルン夏祭り2010開催). I had fun capturing and editing together some of the summer dance performance.

A better source of SSL certificates

Thus, I was delighted to find StartSSL’s offerings. The prices are good and the service has been great.

Chinese New Year - 2010 Year of the Tiger

Today saw the Chinese New Year celebrated in Melbourne.

Happy Australia Day

26th January is Australia Day; Australia's national day.

New Year's Eve 2009/2010 Fireworks Over Melbourne

Megan and I ventured out to Docklands, Melbourne, Australia, for the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Gingerbread Snowflakes

We made gingerbread snowflakes this afternoon.

Charlie and Rebecca's Wedding Celebration

Embedded below is a film showing a little of Charlie and Rebecca’s wedding celebration. Charlie’s family is Lebanese, and the celebrations followed Lebanese traditions.

Homemade bread makes me happy

A single loaf tended to get me through a week’s worth of lunches. I was single then, but even with two of us a dense loaf is enough for our working day lunches.

Now available in a bookstore near you

All three of DssW’s Mac energy saving products appear in Joe Hutsko’s latest book: Green Gadgets for Dummies.