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The Shingle Spit in Whitstable

In a small seaside town there is a street called Whitstable Street. It goes no-where but out to sea.

Beach Huts in Whitstable

As a seaside town once famous as a holiday get away for residents of Canterbury and London, the town has seen many changes in fortune.


It is a town name so familiar but one that I really knew nothing of. Whitstable is a seaside town in the south-east of the United Kingdom and we visited just before Christmas.


We spent a few pleasant days in Canterbury before Christmas last year. An historic town in the south-east of the United Kingdom.

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Sudden Failure of Joby GorillaPod Original

I was about to film our boarding of the train when my tripod broke. Not the best start to our short holiday.

Moving Platforms

Moving platforms help French movers avoid tiny stairwells and elevators.

Movie Splitter - Custom Splits

A significant Miln Movie Splitter update adds slicing up movies into custom length sections. This most requested ability joins a few other new features in v1.2.

Movie Splitter and Multilingual Chapter Markers

The latest Miln Movie Splitter update adds support for multilingual chapters markers. This odd sounding improvement is as strange as you might imagine.

First Flight

This morning we watched a fluffy young bird learn to fly.