May, 2024 – Graham Miln

Decline of

This is the perplexing warning presented by the domain name registrar upon declining their new DNS Security+ service:

CAUTION, By opting out of your DNS Security you are:

  • Foregoing the optimal protection against piracy for your website
  • This decision may lead to increased vulnerability
  • Potentially resulting in slower resolution times and error messages that could negatively impact both your users’ experience and your site’s SEO performance.

This is perplexing because if this new optional extra is declined, DNS will still be provided by’s DNS servers. Are these long standing DNS servers now insecure, prone to failure, and attack? The warning above suggests they are.

Why sell on fear? Why undermine your own services? These are awful sales tactics.

Gandi is not the first domain name registrar to succumb to temptation. I note their decline here as a personal reminder to listen to my own advice:

Your web host will disappoint you, eventually.