February, 2016 – Graham Miln

A Separate Identity

We are putting together a web site to become our place for sharing photos and short films about the house build. The site will be a separate identity for what should be a well defined project. Intermingling house updates with general photos and news here on The Work Life simply felt messy.

The new site is called Love Allier and should start to see some content in the next week or so. I have already published three short films via a new YouTube channel. Those films have been challenging but enjoyable to create. Megan has written a few short posts to augment the films and to try to capture emotions that will be all too fleeting.

Sunset over our local park in Lyon.
Sunset over our local park in Lyon.

I want to be able to look back on the next two years as one event. Much like keeping a scrapbook or photo album dedicated to a specific period of your life, I hope that Love Allier will fill that role for us.


The house build is finished and the project’s updates have been merged back into this site.