September, 2015 – Graham Miln

Lift in the Louvre – Paris Distractions

The Louvre is Paris’s primary museum. The Louvre is home to the treasures of the French empire and nation. Inside felt busy, at places congested, and frantic. Tour groups battled with each other to head directly to the big ticket items.

As a couple, we were insignificant in the crowd. We spent a day wandering around. Once you have seen the world’s most famous paintings and sculptures, it is possible to find calm in the less trafficked parts of the complex.

The lift caught my eye early on. When I first passed the circular waist high surround, I assumed an empty information desk or contact point. It looked like a kisosk at the base of the stairs. A reasonable location to help those coming and going.

Only later did we see the lift in action. After that it seemed rarely out of action. The lift constantly ferrying visitors up and down. I watched, filmed, and put together a short film of the public lift in the Louvre.