August, 2015 – Graham Miln

Carnivorous Plant Eating a Bee

This March we bought a carnivorous plant from our local garden centre. We wanted something to help keep down the number of tiny flies that like to buzz around our kitchen during the hotter months.

We ended up getting a sarracenia. This is not the traditional venus flytrap type of plant, but a lure down and digest them type of plant.

Until today, we had been wondering how effective the carnivorous plant was at trapping flies. The number of flies has dwindled to almost zero and the plant seems to be thriving, if growth is any indicator.

Despite these suggestions of success, we had not seen anything trapped by the plant.

Mother Nature

This afternoon’s performance would have been a good moment to show to children; a “teachable moment”, a phrase I hope never to actually utter. We watched enthralled as a sizeable bee flew into the kitchen through an open window, around the plant, then landed time and time again on the plant’s lethal tube like structures.