July, 2015 – Graham Miln

Filming La Fête nationale

Getting great photos at night is a challenge. We have tried before and the number of good shots to blurred is heart breaking.

When still images fail, I turn to taking footage. Experience has taught me that footage turns out better in low light, with fast motion, or in difficult situations.

Previously, I would have gone to the fireworks planning to film the entire event. A complete record of the show. Proud in knowing I captured every moment.

Today, I feel that completionist approach acts a good record but is rarely entertaining for others to watch – or even for myself to re-watch.

Lyon’s fireworks tend to run on for a while. The show lasts about 20 minutes and it has felt longer. The city could get away with a much shorter show.

Last night I took my footage, as usual, and decided to edit something together before bed. It was a late night.

On reviewing the short film of Lyon’s La Fête nationale firework show this morning, I felt it a not too bad a sample of the evening.

Short, snappy, and a taster of the event.