March, 2014 – Graham Miln

Lyon Funicular - Fourvière to Saint-Jean

“Going to put that on Facebook.” the man nearby  pondered aloud. I was not convinced he wanted an answer or even intended I could understand him. He had spoken in English more to himself than to anyone else around.

I stood by the front of the cab, camera in hand, quietly capturing the journey down from Fourvière.

With the camera recording the last thing I wanted to do was reply and spoil the audio. I smiled and that appeared to be enough. The camera’s microphone is terrible but the audio would be unsalvageable with a conversation over the top.

The funicular saves the crowd a walk up the steep hill that overlooks the old town of Lyon. The walk is not bad and we had come up this way earlier that day.

For our return we took advantage of the rare free transport being offered and I took my opportunity to put together a short film, Fourvière to Saint-Jean.