January, 2013 – Graham Miln


I underestimated the influence and hold doubt can have over me. Doubt creeps in and lurks unwelcome in the corner of my mind. It waits patiently. Here, time is on doubt’s side.

We have been waiting for months. Deadlines, fixed expiry dates, are fast approaching. An attitude of waiting and seeing is not an option.

Action counters fear, worry, and stress. And we have taken action. We have done what we can but some things are beyond our influence. Yet the deadlines remain. Firm, fixed, and increasing close to hand.

Log glowing in the woodburner
Log glowing in the woodburner

Things will work out; they always do. But do not ascribe that to fate. It is not fate dealing our hand.

A determined effort is occurring out of the lime light. Doubt has no home here; it will be moved aside, consigned to an anecdote, a recalling of times past.

Postscript: Everything is fine; this post sums up the last weeks as we met another hurdle in our move into French society.