August, 2012 – Graham Miln

My First 3D Print

I ordered my first printed object this afternoon. That I can design an object, have it manufactured, and delivered all without leaving my desk is incredible.

There are numerous small items I want to help improve my world. Tiny widgets that would solve single problems around the apartment or in my daily routine. Finding a solution to these kinds of problems in shops is great but rare; there is no business in producing such widgets.

Over the last year I have been watching the maker movement, listening to talks, and pondering when I would find the time to get started myself.

It really started when we bought new blinds for the kitchen. The blinds came with horrible metal tie hooks. The hooks were big, ugly, and required screwing into the window frame.

Designed entirely in a browser with TinkerCAD.

The simple widget of a blind tie hook has become my first project to get 3D printed. I have no idea whether it will work, whether the material will be strong enough, whether the design will be good enough. But it is a joy to be trying.

Rendering of the final blind tie hook by Sculpteo.
Rendering of the final blind tie hook by Sculpteo.

My order has been placed. We will see how this first iteration turns out.