June, 2012 – Graham Miln

Improving the Mac Help Book

Today I published my first WordPress plugin. The plugin is called Miln Help Book Search and it lets Mac applications offer better help.

The plugin is an idea I have had for a long time but could not justify the time for.

Today I was working on the next update to Power Manager and needed to tweak the help book. That tweak to the help book reminded me of this plugin idea. A quick search showed WordPress now offered an easier way to implement the idea; a way that would not take too long.

A shot of coffee in a double walled glass.

I poured myself another shot of coffee and settled down. I have always enjoyed tinkering with WordPress and today was no different. Within an hour I had what I wanted. At that stage it needed polish and testing, but it worked.

This evening I have submitted the plugin to the WordPress official site under the GPL2 licence and added a simple page to the Miln Consulting site.

I hope to find some time later to refine and provide examples of this new plugin in action.

Update: Miln Help Book Search is now available on the official WordPress plugin site.