April, 2012 – Graham Miln

Routines and Markets

With so much uncertainty swirling around us, a sense of routine has been helpful. We have not been in France long but we have already settled into something of a weekly routine.

Fresh fruit and vegetable market shopping has been a weekly task for us since Melbourne. In Melbourne, we were close to the massive Queen Victoria Market and all it had to offer.

In Lyon, we have a sizeable market at the end of our street. This market is best for food on the weekend when the number of stalls and the shoppers increase. The stalls open early and vanish soon after lunch.

In just a few weeks we have picked out a handful of favourite stalls. I have gravitated to those stalls offering pre-divided containers of fruits and vegetables. The choice tends to be fair, clearly priced, and easy to buy.

As we get more settled, we will probably end up moving to another market but for now this weekly trip is a welcome morsel of routine.