April, 2012 – Graham Miln

Palm Sunday

The Roman Catholic Church is celebrating Palm Sunday today. For the last week, street stalls have appeared near churches selling palm fronds and cuts of another plant. Given the large number of people carrying the greenery this lunch time, I imagine at least some stalls are doing a good trade.

Street stall outside Basilique de Fourvière

We walked up to Basilique de Fourvière passing a handful of marshals guiding the Urban Trail runners. We only saw a few runners and they looked suitably exhausted for their efforts.

Basilique de Fourvière is still being renovated inside, so the opportunity to peek in at the scaffolding was unexpected. The church was open and a service was ongoing.

Scaffolding inside Basilique de Fourvière

On the way back we walked down through the gardens that line the hillside.

Garden wall and pathway