March, 2012 – Graham Miln

Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure

We pass Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure on our morning runs to the park. It sits starkly positioned next to a shiny glass building. The church is large but feels hemmed in by modern buildings on either side.

Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure hemmed in by modern buildings

Inside Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure in Lyon

The Sanctuaire often has two or more people sitting outside its doorways begging for money; they sit close to the door waiting for people to visit the church. This style of begging sits uncomfortably with me but appears common in Lyon.

The inside of Sanctuaire Saint Bonaventure is dark but impressive. The beautiful bright stained glass windows are a treat. They provide vivid colour where none is expected.

Beautiful stained glass fills the windows

I curtailed my visit to the church after discovering my boots squeaked with each step. In an otherwise quiet space, I felt conspicuous and distracting for those looking for peace.

The ceiling patterns are appealing

Highly detailed masonry covers many walls