March, 2012 – Graham Miln

Crypt Below Basilique de Fourvière

The Basilique de Fourvière is an imposing structure overlooking the centre of Lyon. The Basilique is impressive, grand, and is worth visiting.

Only the crypt was open when we visited a couple of weekends ago. Scaffolding and building materials piled around the main entrance suggested winter renovations were in-progress.

The ceilings of the crypt are beautifully decorated.

Beautiful ceiling decoration in Basilique de Fourvière

Gold lined ceiling decoration in the crypt

As with the Primatiale further down the hill, the shadows within the Basilique are fun to photograph.

Erie shadows within the Basilique de Fourvière stairwell

We visited the Basilique on the first weekend of bright sunshine. The walk up was easy enough even with the slopes. Most of our walks around Lyon are on the flat, and so a wander up a hill was welcome exercise.

Looking up at the Basilique de Fourvière

Sliver of illuminated stained glass