February, 2012 – Graham Miln

Adjusting to Glacial Temperatures

The French news is calling the recent cold weather glacial. A month ago we were in the middle of the Australian summer with the nights dropping no lower than 19°C in Sydney; now we are experiencing -10°C at night with highs of -4°C during the day.

The shift in temperature has been extreme but is all part of the fun of moving country. We are learning to wrap up warm and are getting to understand how layering clothes works.

Gloves are essential for longer outings. I have discovered that my fingers never really warm up again once they get cold. Sadly, I have yet to master taking photos with gloved hands and am often slipping off at least one glove in order to take a photo. Suddenly the personal cost of a photo has sky rocketed.

This morning, we walked along the River Saône and were awe struck to see large sheets of ice in the water. I had not imagined such a large river could form ice.

Ice on the River Saône, Lyon