December, 2011 – Graham Miln

Vacuum Bags

I do not remember when I first encountered vacuum bags. It must be many years ago now and I can not imagine moving or travelling without them.

Vacuum bags are designed to reduce the storage size of your bedding or clothes. They are plastic bags that allow air trapped inside to be pumped out. You put your clothes or linen inside, then you vacuum out the air. The result is an impressively shrunken rigid bag.

Typically the vacuum bag requires a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out. Some smaller bags can be rolled to remove the air; this type is great for travelling.

Today I got the chance to photograph and film a new vacuum box being used. This box was a new variation on the vacuum bag theme for us. The vacuum bag is fixed into a semi-soft box. When compacted the bag is neatly contained in the box. The box makes the final rigid bag easier to pack or ship.

Watch the bag being compacted on YouTube in High Definition.

An empty vacuum bag

Compacted vacuum bag holding 3 duvets

Close up of the compacted vacuum bag inside the box

Closed vacuum bag box ready for storage or transport