November, 2011 – Graham Miln

Aporia - Dripping Toffee and Salt Encrusted Bedsteads

We stumbled upon Aporia, a fun sculpture exhibition by RMIT students. The exhibit caught our eye as we walked passed the university buildings on Swanston Street.

We could see the artwork inside through the low windows and suspected those milling around were members of the public. Our curiosity was rewarded when we were able to walk in off the street and enjoy the students’ work first hand.

A couple of pieces particularly stood out for me.

Skye Kelly’s “Creep (stain)” was fantastic. A large body of toffee slowly straining down onto the floor. Initially the piece looks static, but a little patience reveals the strands of toffee were still slowly extending and dripping.

Creep (stain) by Skye Kelly, RMIT student exhibition

A piece by Georgina Anderson, “Crystalline tears”, caught my imagination. A slew of domestic objects encrusted in salt crystals. The effect was fun and I would love to know how it was done; I imagine large baths of salt water big enough to submerge the bedstead were involved.

Crystalline tears by Georgina Anderson

Detail of Crystalline tears by Georgina Anderson

Close up of salt crystals on Crystalline tears by Georgina Anderson

Clearly salt was on someone’s mind, as the mens shower was also turned into a hidden exhibit.

Salt in the mens shower at RMIT Aporia exhibition