October, 2011 – Graham Miln

Wildlife in Fern Tree Gully

We were lucky to see a range of wildlife during our walk in Fern Tree Gully, part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park in Victoria, Australia.

We saw a Crimson Rosella eating a piece of bread. I was surprised to see the bird standing on one leg while holding onto the bread with the other foot. It stood and devoured the bread like this until it was all gone.

Back of a Crimson Rosella

The forests were full of birds calling to each other. I managed to get a few photos from a distance.

Galah sitting in a tree

Kookaburra sitting in a tree

Detail of a Kookaburra sitting in a tree

The highlight of the wildlife was spotting wallabies. The first one we saw was some distance away. A fleeting movement was all that gave its position away.

Wallaby in the distance

The second wallaby we saw was found in a less elegant manner. The wallaby and I both startled each other. We were less than a meter apart when we noticed each other.

Wallaby watching us