September, 2011 – Graham Miln

Pademelons at Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

During our time in Cradle Mountain National Park, we were treated to visits from small marsupials each morning. The first morning we saw our first pademelon; it ventured right up to our balcony.

A pademelon outside the balcony

I have not heard of pademelons before Cradle Mountain. I was surprised at how at calm the pademelons we saw had become around us.

Jumping marsupial in Tasmanian, Australia

We did not go close and we did our best not move quickly around them; however when cars passed nearby the pademelons seemed not to care.

Small marsupial at Cradle Mountain National Park

The Tasmanian National Parks are keen to point out these are wild animals and must not be fed or interacted with. Signs throughout the National Parks highlighted this campaign.

Keep Wildlife Wild sign in a Tasmanian National Park