September, 2011 – Graham Miln

Isthmus Track Circuit in Freycinet

We spent a beautiful sunny and surprisingly warm day walking the Isthmus Track Circuit in Freycinet National Park, Tasmania.

Great Oyster Bay

The walk is 11km from the main car park. We walked from our accommodation and extended the route to 16km return. The walk encompasses both Wineglass Beach and Hazards Beach.

The walk was difficult at times. Recent rain had turned sections into near swamp. We needed to hop from fallen tree branch to fallen tree branch in a few places to avoid the mud and water. It all added to a good walk. We went slowly and enjoyed not needing to drive or think about where we were travelling on to next.

The beginning of the mud

Thanks to travelling in the quieter low season, most of the day was spent far from others. We had lunch to ourselves on the stunning Hazards Beach.

Matching my experience with the rest of Tasmania, I was surprised at how much the landscape changed as we walked. We walked through water logged grassland, different types of forests, through scrub, up rocky outcrops, and along beautiful sandy coastline.

Free standing rock over the walking path

A hint of Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Beach

Wall of rock

Swamp and pooled water

Thin trees in Freycinet National Park

The track ahead

Massive rocks pearched on the mountain side

Free standing rocks standing on the mountains