September, 2011 – Graham Miln

Sleepy Bay in Freycinet

Sleepy Bay is on the east coast of Tasmania’s Freycinet Peninsula. Unlike Honeymoon Bay, this bay is not sheltered from the ocean and the waves are more evident.

The bay is easy to walk to and there is even nearby parking. If you are staying locally, the walk is easy and enjoyable. We walked between Honeymoon and Sleepy Bay during our first evening in the park without exerting ourselves.

Sleepy Bay is surrounded by large rock formations. A few of the rocks include cavities big enough to comfortably climb inside.

Rock cavities large enough to climb into

A view of Mt Parsons in Freycinet National Park

Waves coming in on a rocky beach

Blue sea and lichen stained coastline at Sleepy Bay

Sleepy Bay in Freycinet National Park