September, 2011 – Graham Miln

Waterfalls in Cradle Mountain National Park

Thanks to the heavy rain during our visit to Cradle Mountain National Park, we were treated to powerful waterfalls.

Waterfall in Cradle Mountain National Park

In places the rain had saturated the ground and water was flowing freely over the top into the nearby rivers.

Having completed the Dove Lake walk, we returned to the vistor centre. Rather than head back to our accommodation, we set off back out into the rain to do three other shorter walks. Two of the walks lead to notable waterfalls.

The walks to the waterfalls were stunning. The forest was dripping wet and covered in vivid green moss. The scenery felt as if it were lifted from a fairy tale.

Saturated forest in Cradle Mountain

River in Cradle Mountain National Park

Teal coloured waterfall in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania