September, 2011 – Graham Miln

Walker Registration and Logbooks

Walker registration huts and logbooks were new to me. I had heard recommendations about walkers registering their intentions. It makes sense in Australia. Unlike so many tourist destinations, it is possible to get into serious trouble in the Australian wilderness.

Walker registration hut in Cradle Mountain National Park

Before each walk, we signed into visitor logbooks provided by the National Park staff. The books record your name, a contact number, your intended walk, and a space for signing out.

After completing your walk, you are expected to find your logbook entry and sign out. Nothing happens if you do not sign out. Notices claim staff will not automatically follow up incomplete logbook entries; instead the logbook is a good starting point in case you are reported missing. The log helps answer important questions like, did you actually turn up at the park and start your walk? What were your intentions?

Pages from a walker logbook