August, 2011 – Graham Miln

Tungatinah Hydroelectric Power Station

On our way from Hobart to Strahan, we stopped for lunch at a small park. The park was nestled within a forested valley and opposite one of Tasmania’s hydroelectric power stations, Tungatinah Hydroelectric Power Station.

Tungatinah does not make for the most attractive site. Running into the station are huge pipelines; presumably these are channelling the water into the turbines.

Tungatinah Hydroelectric Power Station

Pipelines running from Tungatinah Hydroelectric Power Station

Pipeline running along the road

On the bridge over the Lower Derwent River is vivid red lichen. The white lichen within the red variety caught my eye and produced some beautiful photos.

Bridge over Derwent River

Red and white lichen on a bridge over Derwent River