August, 2011 – Graham Miln

Hobart, Tasmania

A recent wander around Tasmania started and ended in the capital city, Hobart. We spent a day walking around the city visiting various shops, sites, and attractions.

Hobart waterfront

One of the highlights of Hobart’s harbour is seeing polar research vessels and facilities. The bright orange ship, Aurora Australis, is one of a small group of ships capable of reaching the Antarctic research stations.

We stumbled upon the School of Arts and were able to walk freely around the building. The displays were enticing and I enjoyed being back in a messy, colourful, canvas ladden studio ago.

Sculpture outside the School of Arts

A good desk for a meeting

Print shop in the School of Arts

Evacuation Procedure - Run

Beautiful wooden heart of the School of Arts building

One of the shopping centres in Hobart has misunderstood the purpose of play equipement. Oddly they have labelled their play area not for climbing.

Play equipment strictly not for climbing on