August, 2011 – Graham Miln

Exploring JA Substation - Melbourne Open House 2011

We recently got the chance to explore a working electricity substation. Thanks to Melbourne’s Open House weekend, Megan and I took the opportunity to take a tour around the bunker like facility.

The JA Substation is part of Melbourne’s electricity grid. The substation was once a small part of a larger coal based power station. At that time, the city council owned and operated Melbourne’s power supplies.

Today, electricity generation is in private hands and has been moved out of the city centre. What remains in the city centre are a handful of substations distributing and stepping down power for the local grid.

The windowless JA Substation exterior

Tour group wearing safety gear

View into equipment room including industrial scales fuses


Danger High Voltage

Mimic board overseeing substation control

Paper strip over control panel

Power cables running out underneath the streets