May, 2010 – Graham Miln

Catching up on recent movie releases

Megan and I have always enjoyed going to the cinema and catching up of recent movie releases. Recently we stumbled upon a big green box outside of a local supermarket. The Oovie box claimed to be a self-serve DVD rental machine. I looked up the name and discovered Oovie offers free rentals on Wednesdays. You need a code, but they are distributed freely on the company’s FaceBook page and through an e-mail mailing list.

For the last few weeks, we have been enjoying a Wednesday movie night courtesy of Oovie. Only once have we encountered problems, and a quick e-mail to support sorted out the mislabelled film.

Oovie was founded in 2005 and is now part of the Australian Hoyts Group. Great to see a small company find success.

I now hope they will publish a little more history, drop the Flash web site introduction, and maybe share a story or two about the creation of their boxes.