July, 2009 – Graham Miln

Upgrading Reseller to Catalyst 5.8 from 5.7

The last few days have been spent preparing the way for DssW’s next big thing. That meant getting my hands dirty and updating our sales and reseller software: Reseller.

Reseller is written in perl using the Catalyst framework. Thankfully Reseller is not too complex, but different enough from my day-to-day UNIX development work to take me a while to orientate myself.

Catalyst has continued to improve since I last updated Reseller. In that time, Catalyst’s minor version number ticked up from 7 to 8 and with it came a handful of significant changes. Catalyst now uses Moose and has generally matured. The update meant I needed to tweak a few bits and pieces but nothing too painful.

Catalyst’s documentation continues to be outstanding; the documentation is main reason I picked the framework over Ruby-on-Rails or Java. Fad and functionality mean little without guidance. Those seeking to compete with the likes of Catalyst need to rival their clear, centralised, documentation and tutorials.

The upgraded Reseller is now live and ticking along nicely. If you notice any problems, please let support@dssw.co.uk know.