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Fastest and safest way to copy a massive amount of data

remote sync, rsync, is a reliable choice for copying large amounts of data.

Why are Script Editor .scpt files not saved as plain text files?

William R. Cook’s paper contains an excellent history and insight from those involved with AppleScript in 1989.

Ad-Hoc Code Signing a Mac Application

For third party applications and binaries that you compile yourself, and that require code signing, use an ad hoc code signature.

Decline of

This is the perplexing warning presented by the domain name registrar gandi.

Circuit Board Template

I put together this template for designing small 10x17 circuits by hand.

Resetting and Reprogramming io-homecontrol Shutters

We have Somfy io-homecontrol shutters in our home. These are generally excellent electric shutters that are built into the fabric of the house.

Speed Comparison Between Samsung T5 and T7 on macOS

Samsung offer two similar external Solid State Drives (SSD) that connect via USB.

Notes for gomobile on macOS

I have been exploring Android development and attempting to use a go code base.

Toyota Touch - USB Disk Format

Struggling to get your Toyota Touch to recognise your USB drive?


We recently spent a long weekend in Amsterdam. This was our first visit to the city and I am not sure it could have lived up to my expectations.