Graffiti in Melbourne

Melbourne has a reputation for graffiti and street art. Specific lane ways and surfaces appear set aside for covert artists. These walls are not cleared of work and over time they have been covered in vibrant and visually arresting artwork.

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy new year and all the best for the year to come.

Christmas Show at Crown Casino

Oddly, Melbourne’s casino has a Christmas show aimed at young children. We caught the lunch time show along with crowds of tired parents and little ones. Australia has a strange relationship with gambling. I managed to film the entire show. You can watch it below.


Yesterday, we managed to capture some footage of the butterflies I mentioned in my previous post. The butterflies were clustering in doorways and windows, presumably attracted by the office lights.


The recent burst of the hot weather in Melbourne triggered an influx of beautiful butterflies. Over the last week they have fluttered around the city streets.

Chalk on the Pavement

Having been moved on from City Square and the Treasury Gardens, the protesters have settled in Flagstaff Gardens. As part of their protest, chalk graffiti has appeared on the surrounding pavements and walls. I do not feel it is helping their cause.

Christmas Decorations Around Melbourne

Over the last weeks Christmas decorations have been appearing around the city. The city is rolling out new decorations in many parts of the city centre. There appears to be a trend towards a nature based theme using living pine trees, with a move away from large metal structures of previous years.

Dragon Boat Racing

At the Docklands, we found a series of Dragon Boat races taking place. Below are a few photos from the event and a short film.

Jet Skiing at Dromana

The beach at Dromana looks wonderful for swimmers; the water is clear and shallow. So I was surprised to see jet skiiers out and sharing the same area as the swimmers.

Kite Flying at Dromana

There was almost no breeze at Dromana and yet a couple of people were able fly long chains of kites. The kites were joined by a single line reaching into the sky. By the time we left, the line had been extended three times.