Ask Different

My contributions on Ask Different occasionally leads to people reaching out to me.

Splitting More Movie Formats

I wrote Movie Splitter for us, my wife and I.

Change in Domain Registrars

I manage a handful of domain names.

VoIP with Asterisk on Synology via Docker

Having successfully banished our need for a physical phone from upstairs, everything changed.

Making the Phone Vanish - Telephone Calls via an HT-503 and Raspberry Pi

A guide to setting up a landline, an HT-503, and Raspberry Pi for an incredible home telephone system.

Internet At Home Without a Phone Line

Our house move is nearly upon us and the telecom line has yet to be installed.

Movie Splitter and Multilingual Chapter Markers

The latest Miln Movie Splitter update adds support for multilingual chapters markers. This odd sounding improvement is as strange as you might imagine.

Problems with OS X 10.11 – El Capitan

This year Apple released OS X 10.11, as known as El Capitan. This has not been a good update for me.

Speaking with a French accent – OS X say

It happens that the OS X voice Thomas is designed for the French language. Let’s have some fun! And then let’s do something useful.

Improving Hugin on OS X

Today I discovered how to install an external tool to assist Hugin and in turn create better panoramic photos.