Flowering Jacarandas

Our visit to Sydney coincided perfectly with the flowering of the Jacaranda trees. For most of the year, these trees blend into the surrounding greenery, but for a few weeks each spring they are crowned in purple flowers.

Ferry to Bundeena

We joined Megan’s grandparents for a ferry ride from Cronulla to Bundeena. The ferry we took was called “M.V. Curranulla”. The operators claim this ferry to be the oldest commuter ferry in Australia working to a regular timetable.

Australian Ants

Australia’s reputation for large insects and dangerous animals is well known. In daily life encountering the nastier creatures however is unlikely. What does surprise me is the size of the more mundane animals.

Town Hall Lights

I had a few minutes to spare outside Sydney’s Town Hall. The main door was open and I took the opportunity to venture inside with my camera in hand.

Sudden Hail

We were not long in the Hyde Park before a rumble of thunder suggested we move on. Within a few moments of reaching shelter a hail storm begun. The hail was dense and soaked those caught within its reach.