Tiny Spider

My reaction to spiders has changed since living in Australia. I am still uncomfortable when I first notice a spider but after a moment the rush of fear subsides. After Australian spiders, justifying a fear of spiders in France is impossible.

Photogenic Sydney

Sydney is an undeniably photogenic city. The city is bathed in a strong Australian sun that rewards the point-and-shoot camera. It feels easy to point the camera in almost any direction and end up with a vibrant set of photos.

Christmas Decorations Around Sydney

Decorations started appearing around the city of Sydney in November. As we sped from one event to another around the city, it was difficult to resist stopping and taking the odd photo.

NSW Art Gallery

The gallery’s collection has grown since my last visit. I left uplifted and delighted with the time I spent slowly moving around the exhibit space.

Manly and the Corso

Over the years, I have come to prefer Manly. The approach on the public ferry is stunning and the streets around feel less crowded. It was at Manly that I heard my first public announcement warning swimmers of jelly fish.

Counting the Calories

During the months since we left Australia, the large fast food brands have started putting calorie information in their menus. In Australia, this dietary information was previously available in the outlet or online, but now the values are next to individual items on the above counter menu displays.

Sydney Beaches

A few photos of Sydney’s sandy beaches.

Sydney Views

During our trip to Sydney, we made the most of the warm weather to take in the harbour and beaches.

Aussie Barbeque

Living in the gastronomic capital of France ensures we are surrounded by amazing food, and a seemingly endless collection of new things to try. Still, there are things I miss that are hard to come by in France. So, our trip to Australia became something of a gastronomic event. This was not fine dining gastronomy, it was simple pleasures.

Coke by the Numbers

In 2011, Coke started selling bottles with common first names printed on the labels. The marketing worked and I saw numerous friends on Facebook posting about buying the bottle carrying their name. It was undeniably fun.