My Favourite Things

Carcassonne Boardgame

We have recently added a new boardgame to our collection: Carcassonne.

2013 in Review: Books

One things I wanted to do in 2013 was read more.

Bag Organiser

A bag organiser has transformed my lovely, but impractical, handbag

A Little Garden

This spring, we decided to plant a little garden in the form of two window boxes that live on our kitchen bench.

Choosing Our Boardgame

We recently bought our first boardgame since childhood after watching the show TableTop. Deciding I wanted to buy one of these games was easy; deciding which one to buy was difficult. Here is my shortlist.

Sydney Views

During our trip to Sydney, we made the most of the warm weather to take in the harbour and beaches.

Happy New Year

Photos of New Year’s Eve fireworks in Melbourne 2010/2011.

Christmas in Melbourne

Christmas decorations in Melbourne

Spring is On the Way

The cherry blossoms are in bloom; the first sign that spring will soon be with us.

Journal Shopping

My new journals arrived yesterday. They are made by Lantern Studios, and I love them.