Splitting More Movie Formats

I wrote Movie Splitter for us, my wife and I. We both have point and shoot Canon cameras that capture video in MPEG-4 format. The cameras have a nice feature called Auto-Hybrid. This feature captures a little video before each photograph we take and combines those little bits into a longer video. Over the course of a day or two taking photos, the compilation of little bits grows into a few minutes of treasured memories. Read more →

Creating the Signpost Application and Subscriptions

Miln Signpost is the strangest macOS application I have written. Strange because it provides something I find magical and because it seems unlikely to find a waiting audience. I explain what Signpost does on miln.eu/signpost but the short answer is: Signpost provides local domain names without a DNS server For many, probably most, this description is cryptic and too technical to be useful. Explaining what Signpost does is a problem I have not found a good solution to. Read more →

Font Pestle

Finishing a product ready for the first sale is difficult. The time and extended effort needed to reach a point where money can be exchanged is not only difficult to estimate but the effort required is also difficult to muster. As the end draws close, distractions and diversions loom larger. As the end draws close, problems, concerns, and unforeseen tasks multiply. Read more →