Miln Consulting

Splitting More Movie Formats

I wrote Movie Splitter for us, my wife and I. We both have point and shoot Canon cameras that capture video in MPEG-4 format.

Creating the Signpost Application and Subscriptions

Miln Signpost is the strangest macOS application I have written. Strange because it provides something I find magical and because it seems unlikely to find a waiting audience.

Movie Splitter - Custom Splits

A significant Miln Movie Splitter update adds slicing up movies into custom length sections. This most requested ability joins a few other new features in v1.2.

Movie Splitter and Multilingual Chapter Markers

The latest Miln Movie Splitter update adds support for multilingual chapters markers. This odd sounding improvement is as strange as you might imagine.

Electronic Signature on Delivery for E-mail

I quietly launched a new Mac application today. It is the result of a few weeks of dealing with various offices, administrators, and bureaucracies.

Font Pestle 1.2 – Available Now

Font Pestle v1.2 is now available on the Mac App Store. Font Pestle makes it easy to extract just the images you want from iconic fonts.

Making Movie Splitter

Movie Splitter was accepted into the Mac App Store. That was a good moment. One Megan and I have yet to properly celebrate; traditionally, launches require a decadent slice of chocolate cake or another treat.

Moving Servers

After six years with my former web and e-mail providers, I have moved. The decision to move providers is never simple as a move demands rigour, planning, and significant effort to get right.

Font Pestle

Finishing a product ready for the first sale is difficult. The time and extended effort needed to reach a point where money can be exchanged is not only difficult to estimate but the effort required is also difficult to muster. As the end draws close, distractions and diversions loom larger. As the end draws close, problems, concerns, and unforeseen tasks multiply.

Launched Miln Checkbox for Trac

Today I released Miln Checkbox, my first plug-in for Trac.