Origin of the Phrase: Trunk Line

I came away from Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry having learnt at least one snippet of fun, the origin of the phrase “trunk line”.

Museum of Science and Industry

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry is situated within easy walking distance of the city centre and worth visiting. It is a large site and difficult to see all in one visit; thus I wonder if I happened upon a particularly poor route through the few exhibits I did see.

Alan Turing

There is a statue of Alan Turing within the city gardens of Manchester. Surrounded by university buildings, the statue sits on a bench holding an apple.

Lights of Manchester Town Hall

It was a trick I discovered in Sydney’s town hall. When faced with a dark building interior, take photos of the lights from below. The results are fantastic.


I had never visited Manchester before. Manchester is city to the north of England and one steeped in history. Even with such a rich past, I know the city more through its modern place in culture - a place of music and as a counter-point to an all too often London centric country.