On Monday, two men attempted to burgle our apartment while I was home.

Frozen Once Again

The biggest city park in Lyon is called parc de la tête d’or and within the park is a sizeable lake. This winter the lake froze from edge to edge.

Photos from Fête des Lumières

Lyon’s festival of lights returns to the city.

Autumn Colours in Lyon's Park

Autumn colours have returned to Lyon’s parc de la tête d’or. Before the final leaves fell, we walked around the park soaking in the beautiful sights.

Confluence of Rivers Rhône and Saône

In Lyon you can walk to the confluence of two powerful rivers.

Moving Platforms

Moving platforms help French movers avoid tiny stairwells and elevators.

First Flight

This morning we watched a fluffy young bird learn to fly.

Pérouges – Medieval Hilltop Town

Pérouges is a stunning medieval hilltop town located half an hour by train from central Lyon, France.

Yoko Ono's lumière de l'aube

With renewed museum cards in hand, we visited the contemporary art gallery to see Yoko Ono’s lumière de l’aube show.

Furry Beetle

This big beetle caught Megan’s eye during our walk this morning.