8.3 – Progress Week 28

Watch a short video showing the house progress between week 24 and week 28.

8.2.1 – Divided

We visited the house this weekend. There was no site meeting, and being the summer holidays, there is not even any work happening. We visited just to visit, to look around, and decide a few things before work picks up again in September.

8.2 – Measure Everything

We visit the house to see how it was left during the holiday season. We discover unexpected progress and spend five hours taking measurements and making socket placement decisions.

8.1.1 – In The Garden

Our garden, impenetrable jungle though it may have become, is full of lovely things.

8.1 – Progress Week 24

Watch a short video showing the house progress between week 21 and week 24.

8.0.1 – Unexpected

Unexpected train troubles, unexpected progress, unexpected activity. So much of this site visit didn’t go as we expected.

8.0 – Sunflowers!

Our eighth meeting and our struggle with the trains continues. Progress on the house ticks along with numerous bits and pieces coming together. The inside is being transformed.

7.3 – Yet More Tiles

We visit tiles stores in Lyon and learn more about what we like and do not like. At last we discover a couple of sets of tiles that we are happy with.

7.0.1 – Windows, Doors, and a Key

From the outside, our house is really a house now, complete with windows, doors, and a roof. Inside, it is still a shell, but that won’t last long. The internal walls should be going in, and we’ll soon be able to see how the rooms fit together.

7.2 – Tile, Shops, and Tile Shops

We stayed in Vichy after the last house meeting. Once again return to the tile shop to tackle the floors and bathroom wall choices. Disappointed, we explore what options other shops in Vichy have to offer.