House Update

Catch up on our house build. Three weeks, four videos, six articles.

1.2.2 – Pink String and Blue Pipe

I love that every time we visit the land, there is progress and something new to see.

1.2.1 – More Choices

Yesterday was a long a day. Lots of travelling; lots of decisions.

1.2 – Are French snakes dangerous?

We visit Moulins to pick doors, windows, and fittings for the house. Graham encounters a snake on the building site.

New House, New Project

Love Allier is the new home for updates about our new home.

1.1.1 – At First Sight

My first thoughts on seeing the land now the building work has started.

1.1 – First meeting on site

We have our first regular meeting with the project manager on the land.

1.0.2 – Tiles, Toilets, and Taps

So many things to choose.

1.0 – Massive hole dug on our beautiful plot

We are off to Vichy today to see the tile and bathroom fittings people and for our first to the land since we bought it.

0.0 – Building a home in Allier, France

We have bought land in France and are about to build a home.